Review – Slime City

February 17, 2008


AKA Woody Allen’s SCARY MANHATTAN. The short synopsis: Alex (Robert C. Sabin) finds an apartment to be closer to his girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) that happens to be the site where Zachary the alchemist committed suicide with his followers. While interacting with the followers, who want him to be the reincarnation of Zachary, he gooshes, eats ectoplasm (explained to Alex as being “Himalayan yogurt”) and kills people, all to a crazy 80s synth score.slime13.jpgslime5.jpg

Mmmm – yogurt’s so slimming.

It’s got kind of a clever script (that isn’t helped by many of the actors). Sabin is OK, Mary Huner is pretty good: SPOILER – swipe for inviso text –

and she plays a dual role in the film as Lori the “nice girl” and Nicole the slut/reincarnated follower of Zachary. I’m not sure if the dual role was dictated by budget or the writer/director, Greg Lamberson, was making a point about me being a cliche in that you promise a little T&A and you’ll never notice it’s the same girl. And I mean “promise” – this movie has got one of the lamest sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Lanberson didn’t cut corners on the goosh (he’s got some nice effects here) – he couldn’t find anybody to do a little pretend sex?slime4.jpg

but there’s some dumb bits in it too – Alex is smart enough to clean up after murdering somebody, but is dumb enough to keep a box full of evidence in his closet for anybody to find? Come on…It’s funny that for a movie that’s set in New York, there’s so little New York flavor in it – apart from the real life dumpiness of the apartments.

Smucker’s jars – just the thing to keep ectoplasm in!

Maybe if he had read the “Flesh Control” book, he wouldn’t have oozed so much.

Were I making it, I think I would have gotten over to something photogenic in New York and shot it – just for a little production value. The film might have been more interesting also if there had been more motivation for the goosh in the film (and yes, goosh does need motivation). It seems to come and go at will here, Alex oozing just before needing to kill. I realize it can be explained away as being “magic” but magic should have internal rules too, even if they’re not spelled out for the viewer. It might have been better if the ooze was all in Alex’s mind from the get-go (but then, it’s easy to be a Monday morning QB).For something better, go here – http://www.afcinema.net/click on the ‘store’ link, and purchase a copy of  Colony (that was created without any knowledge of Slime City, thanks!)

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