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The Illustrated Road To Serfdom

November 6, 2007


Those illustrations are terrific – clean, like they were going to be used in an animated film.


Two posts on Speed cameras

November 6, 2007

Well – one opinion and one article anyway…



Both on the same day, yet.


Review – Rats: Night of Terror

November 2, 2007


Ya gotta love Anchor Bay – they do a bang up job in remastering & repackaging old horror films. Today’s case in point – the double header Hell of The Living Dead/Rats DVD.

I got this from the library(!) the other day. I’m only going to review Rats because I thought that movie was more interesting (though HOTLD has its’ charms as well).

Anyway: it’s 225 A.B. (After Bomb, the narrator tells us). A group of dirty, yet stylishly dressed post-apocalyptic survivors led by Kurt (Ottaviano Dell’Acqua, here billed as “Richard Raymond”) ride into a nameless town and take up residence.


¬†Kenny Loggins, you’ve never looked better!

Unfortunately for them – superintelligent rats live there too!


We then follow the gang through their lifestyle choices – like sex in front of everybody…


and dressing in clothes left at Goodwill by Pat Benatar…


Hey, let’s find our 275-year old Loverboy album…

before the rats start ganging up on them.



Nice effect there – prosthetic tongue?

The rats (for the most part painted guinea pigs, director Bruno Mattei tells us) swarm (or are tossed haphazardly by a grip, depending) onto the cast, eliminating them one by one – sometimes quite inventively – until only two are left. Which leads to a climax you have to see to believe (and honestly, you’ll probably see coming half an hour before the end).

Now, I’m being semi-snarky, but you have to admire the way Mattei delivers the goods. He knew he had to get particulars in the film (nudity, gore, SF) and he got them all in there. And back in the 80s, this probably was a crowd (or at least, a distributor) pleaser. And it kept me watching it at normal speed – an accomplishment for any film nowadays. If you get a chance and want a movie that’s supposed to be entertaining and nothing more, have a look.


OK, whose brother-in-law got the costumes here?


Archive – More reasons surveillance cams suck…

November 2, 2007

First this article – the cameras merely push the crime somewhere else! Who woulda thunk?

Then this article from Bruce Schneier’s website:

Where one of the interviewees, Steve Swain, admits in public record that the cameras are ineffective:

“You need to do this piece of theater so that if the terrorists are looking at you, they can see that you’ve got some measures in place.”



Archive – Won’t you be Ward’s friend too?

November 2, 2007

After signing up for MySpace, males will get the random solictation for porn – which I did this morning. In the process of deleting same solicitation, guess who happens to be a friend of “Bailey’s” (and I believe “Bailey” is actually a 48-year old Chinese man, but that’s a digression…)


It’s FAKE INDIAN EMBATTLED PROFESSOR WARD CHURCHILL! He needs all the friends he can get…

Won’t you add your name to his list of friends?


Interesting aside for this – Apparently one needs a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood to claim membership in a “federally recognized Indian tribe, band, nation, pueblo, village or community”.

I want to get into the act, too!



Archive – Check out this blog!

November 2, 2007


Popeye, Roy Lichtenstein, 1961 

So, here I am, trying like hell to get out of debt by saving money, and what do I do?

Go buy a huge box set of old Popeye cartoons… at retail price yet!

Sorry, couldn’t help it…I grew up on these cartoons (and Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, etc) and I really wanted to see them uncut. Plus, I have a soft spot in me for the guy. He’s a relic of a bygone era, (mostly) unchanged over the years.

Which serves as an ungainly segue to this blog:

It’s run by John Kricfalusi (creator of Ren & Stimpy and others). As far as I can tell, he’s writing down his entire theory of how animation should be done, along with the usual blog stuff. Magnificent!

If only your average famous director (Spielberg, I’m looking at you!) would do the same…


Archive – Nah…Gotta Be a joke…

November 2, 2007