Soliliquy – Anime Armageddon

November 14, 2007


This post goes hand in hand with the Casshern review (which prompted me to write it)…

 To all you anime enthusisasts out there – ever notice that the world has to end in many anime series? (excluding the sports anime, the romance anime, both homo & hetero, the Pokemon & their ilk anime, and any other anime that I’ve forgot to mention.) I mean, in a unscientific sampling of my own collection…

Tokyo is destroyed in Akira


Most of Earth is submerged under water in Blue Submarine No. 6


Cities are driven underground by the attacks of the Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion


I could go on, but my hypothesis is that the writers of such series find it much easier to wipe the slate clean, rather than take the time to write something plausible about how the world they’re writing about came to be.  The troubling part to me is part of the theme in Casshern and another movie I own, Appleseed, is that man is inherently flawed and needs to be wiped out in whole or part, in order for some sort of Utopia to be created.  Weird…

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