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November 2, 2007

This is another one of those “talk things through to see where I stand on something” posts, so bear with me…

L. Neil Smith (author of SF books, look him up) is one of the arch-libertarian mentors I look to for guidance in philosophical questions. He runs an e-magazine called The Libertarian Enterprise,and in Issue #427, he debates a letter writer named Therese (who objected to his article here )



Therese then proceeds to offer us a sort of half-baked definition of”Islamofascism”, to wit: “Islam-rationalized tyranny and promoting of tyranny, with mass murder and other violent intimidation as one of the premier methods of achieving it. . .”

The problem with this attempted definition (one of them, anyway) is that it has absolutely nothing to do with fascism, which is a very specific political and economic system invented by German economists,first applied by Mussolini in Italy, and then so widely accepted that World War II was pretty much a conflict between competing forms of fascism.

I think what Therese (and Monkeyboy II) mean by “fascism” is what my grandmother—my wife’s grandmother, too—meant by the epithet”communism”, i.e., anything they didn’t like and didn’t understand.When I wrote libertarian/Randian columns in the campus newspaper in the 1960s, my grandmother, livid with embarrassment, called me a communist.

When Cathy challenged her grandma’s belief that FDR, JFK, and LBJ were God’s angels, she (Cathy, not Grandma) got called a communist, too.

So no, there’s no such phenomenon as “Islamofascism”, just a lot of people in the Middle East terminally pissed off because we’ve bombed them and starved their kids for fifty years, as who wouldn’t be? That’s what you’re trying to justify, Therese, mass murder—and it doesn’t look good on you, at all.

Are there demagogues over there,taking advantage of all that anger? Of course there are—and you,Therese, are among those who have helped to make life all too easy for them.

By the way, don’t put words—or the absence of words—in my mouth. I have never tried to pretend that Iran and Syria don’t exist. And unlike you, I remember when Al Qaeda (what scattered few there were before our glorious government began recruiting for them) were the good guys—until our glorious government changed your mind for you.

You see, Therese, you’re in danger of becoming what Joseph Gebbels called a “useful idiot” and you should be ashamed. You accept that there are kind, generous, ethical Christians, but you can’t—won’t—make the same assumption about Muslims because you’ve been ordered not to by Monkeyboy II and his minions. You accept anything they tell you,even when what they tell you—weapons of mass destruction, connections between Saddam and Osama—turn out to be bold, barefaced lies.

All well and good – he has some points here.

So does L. Neil believe that the murderers of foreign reporters are demogogues? No doubt he disapproves (as do I), but am I the only one who feels a little…disquieted by such men, who happen to be Muslim? As he notes, he has known devout Muslims, and I haven’t, so he is qualified to speak on the matter but still…

(Typical – write something down and still be undecided.)

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