McCullagh’s Law

October 24, 2007

As the certainty that legislation violates the U.S. Constitution increases, so does the probability of predictions that severe harm or death will come to Americans if the proposal is not swiftly enacted.

This is a great essay – via Bruce Schneier…


Have you noticed how much this sort of invective gets used lately? For me, here’s the money quote:

This threat is perpetual, meaning it may last the duration of the targeted politicians’ career. Adversarial television advertisements may appear during the targeted politician’s next campaign for re-election. They may display images of corpses if available, or stock photography if they’re not, and blame the target for their deaths.

Never mind that such corpses rarely appear – the targeted “lawmaker” will have it hung about their neck like a scarlet letter should they vote against it.

(Not that I’m rooting for “lawmakers”, you know…)


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