Bullshit Warning Signs

October 18, 2007

There’s a great thread at Get Your Hands Dirty…


on words or phrases that set off the ol’ bullshit detector (as in, keep your hands on your wallet and keep your shootin’ hand free). For what it’s worth, here’s my picks from the list…

“in order to create a level playing field”

“for the children”

“if it saves just one life…”

“For the Greater Good”

“reasonable legislation” (or “common sense legislation”)


“Some people call it a victimless crime, I have a real problem with that” followed with, The Prostitutes, Drug users, Families, ect ect are the victims)

“gateway drug”

“save The Planet”

“we can’t wait”

“traditional values”

“Traditional marriage”


“if you have nothing to hide…”

“good first step”

“zero tolerance”

“just doing my job”

“gun-free zone”

“free speech zone”

“War on ______”

” ______ Czar”

“We value your input”

“voluntary enrollment”

“I’m sorry that you (were so stupid that you) were offended by what (stupid/insulting/offensive/tasteless things) I said!”

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