Review – Uncivil Liberties

October 13, 2007


Let me just start off by saying that this isn’t such a bad film. The main problem is it’s too long (please, low-budget filmmakers, if your film has a budget of less than $100k, keep the running length down below 90 minutes. It’ll give the viewer less time to dwell on your lack of money.)


Quick synopsis: Cynthia Porter (Penny Perkins) creates a new algorithm to target “terrorists” for her government office. To test the algorithm, the government tracks everyone in the office with it. Meanwhile, Cynthia accidentaly crosses paths with a rebel sniper (Mark Musto) who gets orders to kill her for developing the program. Now, both the Feds and the Rebels are after her. Sounds like a tight film right?
Unfortunately, there’s a subplot thrown in there that deals with Cynthia’s opposite number in the rebellion and how he has to work against a fellow officer that was completely unnecessary to the film. If this guy’s action had been given to Cynthia, the film would have been much tighter.
I would also would have liked to have a little bit more of the social changes that had occurred between now and when the film takes place – though, there’s a little throwaway piece of action between two kids playing with toy guns, where one kid says to the other (I paraphrase) “now you’re the bad guy” and the other kids says, “no fair, I always have to be the FBI” which I though was an awesome bit of business. If the subject matter intrigues, see it – but be prepared to fast forward.

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