Anime encourages murder?

October 8, 2007

For today’s assignment, let’s look at a very interesting website…


Sounds pretty hysterical, don’t they?  Let’s see what else they say (I have to refer to them in the indeterminate sex, since I don’t know if the writer is male or female)…

Often these are shown late at night to keep them away from children, but even the cartoons shown to children are violent, sexual in nature and make numerous references to magic and demons with no mention of G-d or Jesus. That’s because most Asians do not believe in G-d, but rather in primitive religions such as Buddhism or Shintoism (paganism).

Isn’t that the easiest way to make friends?  Tell them their religion is “primitive”?

I have discovered through researching this article that there are a number of fans of this disturbing series beyond Japan’s borders. In fact, English speaking fans from all over the world were collectively crying about not being able to get their violence fix when a recent episode didn’t air (due to the axe murder).

How can this be? Hardly anyone outside of Japan has any reason to learn Japanese.


It can take months for a legitimate American company to clean up and redub offensive raw anime into a form more suitable for western audiences. 

I’d like this writer to define for me what he/she thinks is “suitable” for the hypothetical “western audience”. 

Check your child’s computer for anime and anime terms, TODAY. Your child could become an otaku, a furry and even a murderer if not a sexual deviant. Don’t let it happen to you!

Maybe I’d check around for signs of Furry-sympathy on my kid’s computer – but only in the gravest extreme.  I’d like to think my kid could talk things over with me, rather than hiding their browsing on me. 

Funniest thing I saw in the comments-

I will attempt to get Senator Brownback’s opinion on anime if I can and report it here.

Be sure to get the Distinguished Gentleman’s opinion on Krispy Kreme doughnuts while there… 

Well, enough with the (sorry attempt at) fisking.  I find the hyperbole of the article hilarious.  As if no “copycat” criminal had ever existed before the rise of Speed Racer or Astro Boy.  And further: what proof is there that it was the anime’s influence that made anybody do anything.  (Well, I thought about murdering somebody when I saw the stupid ending of Trigun). Perhaps it’s as some of the commentors have joked, that the entire site is a big put-on. 

For extra credit, please read:

for more hysteria (not that I don’t believe Furries exist – it’s the apocalyptic tone of the blog that gets me).

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