Archive – Appleseed Pt. 1

September 30, 2007

 (First Posted May 8,2007)

 All week I’ve been preparing for the RWVA Appleseed shoot being held in Shiocton, WI this weekend. (Go here for a little more info) http://rwva.blogspot.com/

Don’t quite know if I’m ready – Last Saturday, I went to the local outdoor range to put a few bullets through my brand-new rifle, and ended up not shooting more than 24 rounds. Couldn’t tell whether it was the magazines or the ammo that was giving me a failure to feed. the upshot of which, I’ll have to bring another rifle (and hope not to embarass myself too badly- though I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to rifle shooting to begin with).

Plus, I’ve had to purchase a lot of extra equipment I’ve never needed before, making the venture a little more expensive than I’d like. Still, I’m looking forward to it – any chance to get out of Dodge for a bit…

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