Forgive me…

September 17, 2007

but I’m about to sound like an asshole.  Sorry.

I’ve just read the the author of the Wheel of Time series, Robert Jordan, has died.  He was 59. RIP.

And here’s where I sound like an asshole – The Wheel of Time series starting sucking for me after the 3rd book (The Dragon Reborn).  Attempting to read some of the later volumes of the series, it was apparent to me Jordan was milking the series for all it was worth.  I forget which part I was reading (I want to say The Fires of Heaven) but I recall I had been reading a bit of it for a good half-hour, maybe 30 pages or so, and nothing that moved the plot along had happened in those 30 pages!  It was all internal monologue!  I sympathize for not wanting to let go of a money-making deal, but within some 17 years of professional writing, and some 7755 pages of series-specific writing (in my not-so-scientific calculation) and he couldn’t find a way to end the damn thing?!

(As an aside, I think Stephen King wrote about how it was difficult for him to let go of the Dark Tower cycle, as it was his magnum opus – maybe Jordan felt the same way?)

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