Review – The Manitou

September 11, 2007


The short plot synopsis – released in 1978, the movie’s about the reincarnation of the incredibly powerful American Indian medicine man Misquamacus through growing himself through a tumorlike appendage on the back of Susan Strasberg. Tony Curtis and a guy who played a Klingon on Star Trek fight to save the day.


PHOTO MANIPULATION: Tony has an intimate moment with Susan Strasberg.

OK, I watched the entire movie without fast forwarding, so it did strike me on some level.  I just wish that the production values were a little better.


PHOTO MANIPULATION: Tony & co-star Jon Cedar appear in front of a salvaged computer from the old Batman TV series.

I’m ripping on Tony Curtis a little, but all in fun – I’m sure this hasn’t appeared on his resume, and I think he’d be a good sport about it.


Nice effect – the head floating through a table was done as a practical effect – very creepy.

Never cast a ham like Burgess Meredith in your low-budget horror movie, though, unless you want the entire film to grind to a halt.  Seriously; they couldn’t find somebody to toss out the exposition a little faster?


Michael Ansara (born in Syria) was easily the best actor in the movie – playing it straight is a must in a movie with this kind of preposterous storyline. He really sold it, too.


I have to hand it to the director, William Girdler: it was entertaining, if not exactly highbrow entertainment.


A nude mutant dwarf can really mess up your day… 

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