Review – Demons At The Door

September 11, 2007


 Y’know, every once in a while, I get the urge to watch something that hasn’t been directed by focus group. Where low budgets clash with high art, and the filmmaker’s reach exceed their grasp. If you get these moods too, maybe Demons at the Door will scratch your itch.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this movie will never win an Oscar – that’s OK. While it had no names or money behind it, it kept me interested all the way through, just to see what would happen next. And, to be fair, it did make me laugh in a couple of places unintentionally, but since the movie had so much heart put behind it, I forgave it and kept watching.

Plot summary – to make it short, an archaelogical dig opens a door to Hell, and the scientists and paramilitary guys have to seal the door and escape with their lives. Oh, and the angel Uriel shows up and passes out the exposition.

 Absolutely no one will be seated during the demon-tooth pulling torture scene.

Makeup FX were pretty good, for the budget, though the acting was what mostly made me laugh – nobody in the film, with the exception of Sean’e La’Dae (playing the sidekick), had any real acting chops to speak of. Again – in the right frame of mind this will roll off your back.

La’Dae shows a demon how it could be pulled apart from the mouth.

Visual FX: for the most part pretty lousy. It’s been done better in other films – but still, a lot of fun. Basically, go into this one with low expectations and you might have a couple of laughs…

 Where would horror as a genre be without goosh?

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