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September 6, 2007

I and a few of my friends are refugees from the UW-Milwaukee Department of Film (here’s their website):


and we all make fun of the oh-so-pretentious Art filmmakers there. One of my friends “Casey” wrote this about the copy…

This sentence reads: “This is not something all students take to, but quite a few do.

“It should read: “Smearing your own feces on yourself for your film is not something all students take to, but quite a few do.”

To which another friend, “Jake” replied –

Here is what is meant to say:If you can’t think of a real story, then you might have come to the right spot. We don’t earn a living making independent and experimental film,video, sound art, new media, photography or performance–all in the spirit of art. We are interested in all genres except the ones normal people like but if it seems to make sense, we stop and study it and look for ways to make it stupid or look for other options. This is not something all students take to, but the unemployable do. Our goal is to make a comfortable, serious place where you can expect to develop your individual uselessness as an artist and hate the employed with health insurance.

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