Review – Poultrygeist

August 30, 2007


 So, Chris Byrne (  http://anarchangel.blogspot.com/  ) is blogging about how to blog and in passing he writes “write good stuff, well”).  Easy for him to say – he’s got a beat.  I’m still trying to work through this blogging stuf and come up with some content that’s unique and interesting rather than simply linking all the time.

So anyway, here’s some content for you – Lloyd Kaufman was in town last Friday and screened (so he said) his new film Poultrygeist for the first time on a big screen in Milwaukee.  I got myself down there posthaste. Met the man – he’s quite affable in person.

Now, before I go on, Troma films are an acquired taste.  These films do not appeal to most filmgoers, as they are in the business of pushing buttons that the typical Hollywood film doesn’t. That’s a valid strategy – give the consumer something he can’t get anywhere else.  And how he did that!

I’ll try to summarize the plot – Arbie (Jason Yachanin) is in love with Wendy (Kate Graham), who’s going away to college.  While he gets work at the American Chicken Bunker, she returns to Tromaville with a lesbian lover (Allyson Sereboff) and protests General Lee Roy’s (Robin Watkins) chicken.  The spirits in the old Indian burial ground that the Chicken Bunker inhabit some chicken eggs, creating undead chicken zombies out of the joint’s workers.  (This is really an inadequate synopsis – forgive me; I’ll try to remember a notebook the next time I review a film in the theater.)

The movie goes to great lengths to insult everyone, gross out those it doesn’t tittilate, parodies film like Jaws & Alien – and did I mention that it was a musical as well?

I had a blast!  Highly recommended when you’re in with your friends drunk and want to watch a movie.

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