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August 30, 2007

I’m of two minds when it comes to this movie: one side of me loves how it idealizes the act of fighting for a cause (the cause being fighting for your freedom). The other side of me can see why it might be used as neocon propaganda; oddly, the stuff that could be propaganda in my opinion is the added subplot of Queen Gorgo and her struggle to have herself heard in the council.

Yet another side (is that possible?) knows that the movie is a vast simplification of what may have actually happened. Watching The Last Stand of the 300 on the Discovery Channel the other night, I found out that Leonidas, as part of his and every other Spartans’ training, was required to sneak out (at least once, the program didn’t say how many times) and strangle a Helot (slave) to death. Hard to make your main character sympathetic if their backstory has that in it…

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