Review – Grindhouse

August 21, 2007



After seeing this movie, I’m thinking both Tarantino & Rodriguez had too much money to spend. Sure they’re replicating the old Grindhouse features, but the grindhouse features of old didn’t have much money. That’s what made them grindhouse after all. So, while I can get behind wanting to make the Ultimate grindhouse film, neither R nor T actually succeeded, but they had fun trying.

Planet Terror was fun, but R has a tendency to go a little over the top when he wants to do horror or action related stuff (and considering the nature of horror films today, that’s a pretty tall order). Rose McGowan, OK in the film if you can get past the woman looking a little like one of those Japanese sex androids from the neck up. Freddy Rodriguez, also OK. Bruce Willis, essentially not necessary to the film (and that goes doubly for the acting skills of Mr. Tarantino: T should do the Earth a favor and never appear in front of a camera again). The concept of the film was pretty well executed, and I’m glad to see the numerous shoutouts to genre stuff (The Terminator, Tom Savini, etc.) And I’d better hear in the director’s commentary a shoutout to Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) for one of the main images of the the entire film…



Tell me this is a coincidence – GO ON! 

The best written characters in the whole Planet Terror segment – The Sheriff (Michael Biehn) & his brother (Jeff Fahey). Worst written – the relationship between Dakota Block (Marley Shelton) & William Block (Josh Brolin). I really could’ve used a lot less of them in the movie.

Death Proof was easily the more interesting of the two films – always good to see Kurt Russell on screen (especially when he’s screaming in pain – that got the biggest laughs in the film). T seems to be getting even more interesting as a director as time goes on – he’s attempting to broaden his range with editing (and succeeding) and the long intervals of Tarantino Dialog ring mostly true, with only a few cringe-inducing moments (and that’s a post for another day). Best thing about this movie: Zoe Bell. I expect several action films with her in them in the coming months.

Of the trailers; the only one I’d pay to see would be Machete. And maybe that’s Rodriguez’ plan…

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