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August 21, 2007

April 4, 2007

Before you read any further, please read this…


My intention here is not to fisk the author, Mrs. Du Toit. Rather, it’s to examine my motivations for believing what I believe – “the unexamined life is not worth living” and all that.

The blog entry concerns itself with how such movements seek to change the status quo through putting “Us” rather than “Them” in charge.

I’ve never believed that my libertarian views were a problem – in fact, I believe that most people are libertarian at heart, and have just been misled into believing that a third way was possible past the whole Democratic-Republican political axis. However, I do see what Mrs. Du Toit is talking about in some of the websites I frequent. It seems that much of the “playbook” she writes about has been replicated on the web in the anarchist/miniarchist/libertarian vein.
Much of what I’ve seen has been along the five points she bring up in her blog. Does that mean I’ve been primed to become “the new boss” (same as the old boss)? I’d like to believe that, should our current governmental system be swept away, I and others who feel the same way about government in general, wouldn’t act the same as communist coups have and slaughter any who opposed us. But she also makes the point about History and studying it – all those revolutionaries seem to have become as bad or worse than the regimes they were trying to overthrow.

On another hand, should I even worry about this at all? After all, our current Government isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…

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